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I'm a vlogger. I'm a blogger. I'm a hairdresser. I'm in love with music. Hopefully one day I can marry my worlds together and travel with an artist being their personal hairdresser/makeup artist. Until then, I'll reblog some funny cats...
SO obsessed!!! #katvond ‘s new lipstick in Vampira! Now I just need to get my hands on Coven… #sephora #kvdmakeup #beautyblogger #makeup
Ugh. I can’t! All I’m going to say is I’m so so SO proud of you! And it’s a good thing you live right around the corner! Love you! 😘😘 “Who are you gonna eat lunch with??”
My tumblr is two years old, today!! yayy!
We had some fun in Phase Two today with some Bantu knots! #pmtslife #pmtsstl #stlhair #stlsalon
I’m so proud of @scissor_me_timber for being a Beacon qualifier! And while she was in Vegas she got me Vivienne Mackinder’s autograph!! She is my biggest inspiration and mentor! She is the queen of hairdressing! Her work is absolutely insane! If you don’t know who she is, look her up. You’ll be amazed. 😍 love you, Stepherz! You’re the best!!!
Playtime with Lil Mal at Big Al’s

Somedays it doesn’t matter what others say… You just don’t feel good enough.

It was the PERFECT day for @sammmsto to come in for a new do! We met at the @5sos Chicago show and now they just cancelled on us for St. Louis 😭. BUT we turned the day around with this  beautiful ombré! Obsessed! 😍  #hairbygad #fandomfriends #stlsalon #pmts