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I'm a vlogger. I'm a blogger. I'm a hairdresser. I'm in love with music. Hopefully one day I can marry my worlds together and travel with an artist being their personal hairdresser/makeup artist. Until then, I'll reblog some funny cats...
Gave Steph some fun, grungy layers! #hairbygad #stlhair #stlsalon #stlhairdresser
@dbano was so awesome today! Absolutely adore him! I soaked up everything he had to say! He is living proof that you can go from cornfields to Hollywood! He definitely motivated me to keep working as hard as I have been!

Is anyone looking to buy One Direction WWA Tour Tickets for St. Louis, MO?? I have 3 in section 142! Please message me ASAP! I’m about to put them on StubHub, otherwise… 

When roomie moments happen! 😂😂
My love!
I GOT IT! Kat Von D’s Coven studded lipstick! I’m so in love… It’s the perfect summer color 😍😍 
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the hair.. the hair… THE HAIR!!

The beginning instrumentals of Social Casualty sounds like the “500 Years of Winter” song… Anyone else???