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I'm a future professional at Paul Mitchell The School St. Louis. Here you'll mostly find hair inspirations, styles created by me, bands, and loads of cat pictures. Basically all of which are my favorite things in life!
Aye @5sos we’re ready to party and dance our asses off! #starsstripesandmaplesyrup
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And Niall the shimmy the shimmy the shimmy
I found the BEST little boys’ Pokemon shirt today… And I made a few alterations to Meg-ify it! I can’t wait to rock this! #ivegotthepower
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DO IT LIKE DEMI# Demi at her Meet&Greet in Tampa - 2/26/14
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I just did this one!! (on a Pokemon shirt.. yeah I know…) but it looks awesome! and it’s so easy!
Love this girl’s blog… 
Anonymous asked:
Wow I wish you were from UK!!! You seem like such a great hair/ beauty person I would have loved for you to do my hair for prom!!!x

Awh! I would have loved to do your hair for prom! I’ll send positive vibes your way for the big day! 

Hopefully someday I’ll be over in the UK… it’s the ultimate goal! I’m dying to work for Bleach =)

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Anonymous asked:
Where do you live?

I’m in St. Louis… The lovely Midwest! Haha


Anonymous asked:
I would totally reblog your new video but I'm on post limit but as soon as I'm off it imma reblog that bitch bc 💗💗💗

Aahh! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 😍😍💜💜

Anonymous asked:
Wow your hair looks amazing in your new video!!! I love all of your videos but could you possibly do a tutorial of how it's styled and stuff in the latest one because it looks stunning!!x

Thanks, babe!! And it’s basically styled the same way I do in my Perrie Edwards Word Up tutorial, minus all the teasing…

I would link you but I’m on mobile! xx